I took a little saunter around the farm today; everything is so overgrown.  Oh my, the weeds.

But, anyway, we seem to grow a little bit of ‘normal’ food too (though, did you ever know how many weeds were edible?!).  The kale is busting out like crazy.  Duke’s been working hard to process it and get it through the food dehydrator.

We enjoyed a lovely weekend of work and fellowship, and I was even feeling inspired enough to make four spelt Dutch-apple, and strawberry-rhubarb pies.


Sunny and I have been drying herbs for all the winter tea we anticipate drinking, and we’re having a lot of fun stretching into learning how to make some lovely natural creams and lip balms, etc.


The Littles continue to build extensive play forts and empty the costume trunk on a daily basis; and this weekend an official tree fort even got launched into the works!

And lest it all appear completely idyllic, be assured it included a fair dose of chaos from Daddy’s little renovation project, piles and piles and piles of dirty dishes, and the usual symphony of diapers and sobs and stains and grumbles and laundry and mess that is often the background accompaniment to all the joy.

It was a good weekend.

Back Home

There is so much that fills a day; the hours seem to expand with possibilities, even as the minutes slip through my fingers.

The mundane becomes magical as we work together and learn the tough processes of perseverance and patience.  Even the grinding, basic, dirty work has a way of elevating us when we embrace it with joy and thanksgiving together.

Something good happens in us as we build a home and invest in the creative heart-work of life together.

Hands are busy, heads are full with questions and ideas, and I am at peace, with a plate too full and a cup overflowing; these are good, good days.

Here is a record, for now, of the moments that fill our days.